‘Kachrawala’ to ‘Safaiwala’

Tata Trusts Campaign #TwoBinsLifeWins dives into the plight of the most indignified beings of our society – sanitation workers

Manual scavenging or manual cleaning of sewer systems has been prohibited under Section 5 of the “Prohibition of Employment as Manual Scavengers and their Rehabilitation Act, 2013(MS Act 2013)” in all States and Union Territories with effect from 06.12.2013.

Yet, a total of 62,904 manual scavengers have been identified since 06.12.2013 up to 31.01.2020. 376 deaths have been observed in five years to 2019, with 110 in 2019.

With an objective to reduce the manual intervention of the workers with sewage and waste, Tata Trusts initiated Mission Garima in partnership with Tata Group companies and municipality bodies.

The Tata Trusts campaign #TwoBinsLifeWins is a part of this initiative. Parts of the project cater to addressing their healthcare, workplace, environment, acknowledging their plight, and appealing the citizens to be more responsible.

Deepshikha Surendran, Head – Brand & Marketing Communications, Tata Trusts says, “We always say ‘Arre aaj kachrawala nahi aya’. We don’t even know who the person is, even if he has been working with us for years, and people don’t even call them safaiwala.”