Twitter reaction after Pentagon released old footage of UFO spotting

The world is in a state like it has never been before. We’re all going to extreme emotions and experiences owing to the widespread of Coronavirus and the lack of amenities to detect and nip ti in the bud. So, being stuck at home and the lack of regular human interactions has made people overly active on social media, especially Twitter. While 2020 has already given us enough to be stressed, shocked and amused with, the Pentagon released footage of actual UFO spotting and this revelation was enough to send Twitter on its own trip.

Earlier, leaked videos of these UFO spotting were making rounds on the internet and the US Department of Defense permitted the release of three unclassified Navy videos that show unidentified aerial phenomena along with the audio reactions of Navy pilots to the same to avoid misconceptions and spread of false information.

Whether or not it clears things up, the UFO spotting videos have certainly invited memes on Twitter.